Monday, January 18, 2016

Cutting the Cord

The day has come . . . the land line phone line is gone. Disconnected by choice. As someone who has always had a land line number and who is really bad about answering her cell phone, this new way of life poses a few challenges.

My "home" phone connected via cables meant that anyone could always leave me a message that I could check when I got home. Now that I must rely on my cell for all calls; I am always available. My cell will now accompany me around the office, at home, and everywhere in between. That means I should probably try to have the ringer turned on. Challenge number one: turn the ringer on.

However, I'm not the sort of person to use a traditional ring tone that you might find preloaded on your cell phone. I like songs so of course my ring tones are songs. I like Duran Duran so of course my ring tones are all Duran Duran songs. Not terribly professional to have RioNotorious or Girl Panic blasting from your phone during a meeting. Challenge number two: remember to set phone vibrate during meetings.

Today as I bid my land line goodbye and the ease of having a home phone number, I also happily say goodbye to phone solicitors. Goodbye endless calls from TOLL FREE, US Bank, the New York Times and the Washingtonian magazine trying to lure me back into a subscription. Farewell pollsters, Walgreen's, and random calls from the Republican Party of Minnesota. Goodbye to all of that and to the hefty fees and price tag attached to my land line. Challenge number three: remember not to give out my cell number to potential solicitors.

Email me at if you would like my mobile phone number. Challenge number four: share my cell phone number.

Challenge number five: remember to return all of those calls on my cell. I might be missing my land line already!


alyssa said...

Another challenge - remember to keep your phone nearby! My parents just dropped their landline and they are still learning to keep their phones charged up and nearby. I haven't had a landline since I left home in 2002. You'll get used to it!

Christianna said...

Add it to the list! That counts as another challenge given the many times I misplace my phone or leave it in the car. Thanks Alyssa!

victoria said...

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