Monday, January 11, 2016

Let's Dance. A Farewell to David Bowie

As I write this post, David Bowie is blaring through the speakers of my Mac, streaming live on my favorite St. Paul alternative station "The Current." I still feel the disconnect and unbelief on learning this morning about David Bowie's untimely death. 18 months of battling cancer. Who knew he was that sick?

I'm far from a David Bowie die-hard fan. And I arrived late to my realization of David Bowie. A true child of the 80s, my first introduction to David Bowie was through MTV and his "Let's Dance" video. It took another decade for me to realize that David Bowie did exist before 1983—Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, Under Pressure with Queen. The breadth and depth of his music is truly astonishing.

When I think of David Bowie, I remember the songs "Let's Dance " and "China Girl," but I also remember all of the bands I love whom he influenced not only musically but via style and fashion. Most notably my favorite band Duran Duran who remembered him in 2014 with a remake of "StarMan."

Fittingly at the moment, "Let's Dance" is playing on The signal to close. David Bowie. His music will make him immortal.

A self-proclamed "almost an atheist," where is he now? Hopefully in a bright and brilliant place.

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