Monday, February 8, 2016

Early Emergence of the Extremes

I've tried to stay out of the political fray by distracting myself with old episodes of Portlandia, cleaning out closets, even needlepoint. I was hoping that by the time I emerged from my self-imposed hiding out from the reality of the 2016 election, a strong, likable, brilliant leader of the pack would emerge. From the looks of the four, front runners, I'm should go back into hiding.

Tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary--the first state primary following last week's first caucus in Iowa. I have a feeling New Hampshire will follow suit—the forward momentum of the extremes of both parties pushing Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders to the top.

Interestingly most people I've talked with about this election cycle are not happy with any of the top candidates who have emerged. Only a very few are strongly backing one of the front-runners. Most are afraid for our country if the "angry white man" Trump becomes President and others are literally afraid of Ted Cruz's far-right leanings or just downright hate the man. Hillary has the best Presidential resume by far; however, her Benghazi baggage, her mishandling of State Department emails  and server confusion, and being viewed as a liar are dragging her down. Then there is Bernie Sanders. Even my 17-year old son who is taking Economics this semester has learned enough to know that Bernie's ideas are not economically viable.

The extremes of both the Republican and Democratic parties have emerged and are skyrocketing high in the polls. However they will eventually plummet back to reality. The extremes are leaving an opening for the majority of Americans who aren't on polar opposites of each other to support other candidates.

My son Patrick with Marco Rubio in Iowa
Watch Marco Rubio. He came within 1% point of beating Donald Trump in Iowa. He is smart, has a plan for going after ISIS, does not want to build a wall, and is a genuinely nice guy. Having had the opportunity to spend some time with him, listen to a few speeches, and hear his story about how he got to where he is now, Marco provides true hope and change. Plus he is a Prince fan if that matters to you. He is a uniter, not a divider. With all of the extreme division that has emerged, Rubio is a game changer and a genuine person. He is intense, but that is because he is in this race with his heart, not just his head.

Despite his stumbles in Saturday's Republican debate, Marco Rubio is that breath of fresh air with a message of positive change that this Presidential race needs. Check out his story, which really is the foundation of his entire campaign.

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