Saturday, February 6, 2016

Exceptional Sheer Addiction

Have you grown tired of hearing about and being thrust into a horrible customer service experience by retailers? I'm thrilled to report that customer service is not dead, but thriving at Sheer Addiction  Jewelry in Hudson, Wisconsin.

As a lover of vintage jewelry, I was pleased to find a gorgeous antique silver bracelet on the website of one of my favorite jewelry establishments, Sheer Addiction that is owned by the talented artisan Tamara. I've been buying Tamara's works for many years since I discovered her nearly a decade ago tucked away in the back of a favorite boutique in Hudson, Wisconsin—La Rue Marche. Tamara's business has exploded and moved out of La Rue Marche and has become an online sensation.

Sheer Addiction items have a following and has grown so popular that items now sell out quickly, like that vintage silver bracelet. Especially when they have a Flash Sale. Gone! I was bummed out to receive an email from Tamara explaining that many customers had also dropped that silver bracelet into their shopping carts and she ran out of the bracelet. She offered up any other items at the sale price as a replacement.
The blogger sporting a couple of her
most favorite Sheer Addiction pieces.

For starters I was surprised that the owner of the company cared enough about her customer's satification to email directly. That rarely happens anymore. But what happened next has made me a lifetime Sheer Addiction customer and a proud patron of Tamara's creations.

After choosing another (sadly not vintage) bracelet to replace the sold out silver bracelet, I immediately received another email from Tamara offering the replacement bracelet at no cost to me. Sheer Addiction has gained a happy customer by doing the right thing and very generously sending me my new Houston bracelet at no charge to me!

Kudos to Tamara and Sheer Addiction Jewelry! If you like handmade jewelry with a vintage edge, check out Tamara's creations at Sheer Addiction Jewelry. You won't be disappointed. And that Flash Sale is still on!

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