Sunday, February 28, 2016

One Day Break From a Minnesota Winter

What do you do in Minnesota when it hits 61° on a rare balmy and sunny February day? Wrong question. The question is what don't you do when summer arrives for a day in February? The average high temperature on a typical February day in Minneapolis is 29° and the low is 13°—hence all of the fuss over yesterday's 60° temps. Here's a few of my own observations of what my fellow Minnesotans were doing outside in yesterday's record warmth:
  • Dog Walking. Everyone who owned a dog was out walking myself included. This did result in a very muddy, but happy and exhausted dog.
  • Bike Riding. If you weren't out walking your dog, you were out on your bike, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, of course. 
  • Ice Fishing. The lakes are still frozen enough to support all of the cars, ice houses, and ice fishers out on the local lakes. My favorite image was of people out on the lake ice fishing while others wearing summer clothes jogged, biked, and walked their dogs alongside the frozen lake. 
  • Long Boarding and In Line Skating. A favorite way to get to the local Dairy Queen and grab some ice cream to enjoy while boarding around.
  • Dressing Like Summer. From a young woman wearing a gorgeous, colorful sundress to shirtless teenage  boys walking on a frozen lake, the boots, woolen hats, and down jackets of February were left inside.
  • Driveway party. In one neighborhood, folks were gathering in their driveway for cocktails, complete with lawn chairs, tables, a Tv, and drinks.
  • Bonfires. Yesterday ushered in the spring bonfire season. The backyard neighbors built an evening fire and others were burning along a lakeshore.
  • Windows down and sun roofs open. If you've ever lived in a cold climate you know there is nothing quite like turning up the music and opening the sun roof on a warm spring day. A golden retriever was enjoying the breeze in a car ahead of me—his head popping up out of the sun roof.
  • Not sitting inside blogging. Save that for the next day when temps drop 30° and it starts snowing.
Today snowflakes are in the air and the February wind is bitter. Winter has returned to Minnesota. Yesterday's reprieve was a welcome reminder of what lies ahead. Spring!

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