Saturday, March 19, 2016


The political establishment in Washington, DC is rattled to the core. The aftermath of Super Tuesday II has left many both Inside and Outside the Beltway wondering what is happening with this Presidential election. Like many, I'm watching from the sidelines and keep waiting for the political wind to shift. I may be waiting for a very long time; as Donald Trump gives the proverbial bird to the Washington establishment this new political reality is not scattering in the breeze.

According to recent HuffPost/Pollster polls of Unfavorable Ratings:
  • Hillary Clinton 53.8%
  • Donald Trump  62.3%
Do you know what these numbers mean? The majority of Americans do no like the top two Presidential candidates! This is a sad state of American politics. How can we vote for candidates that no one really approves of? Couldn't either the Republican or Democratic parties put up better candidates that the majority of Americans might actually like? The only one coming out on top is President Obama...his approval rating is hovering just above 50%. Thanks to American voters dislike of Clinton and Trump, Obama actually looks pretty good. 

With many months remaining before the general election in November, I hold out hope for a strong, intelligent, somewhat likable candidate who might actually know something about how to govern a country like the United States. Like many Americans, I do not like the climate of this election that leaves me feeling rattled and uncertain. 

I desire a candidate with a plan to ease the migrant crisis in Europe and work to eliminate terrorism worldwide. A candidate who has an immigration policy beyond building a wall between the US and Mexico. A candidate who is transparent and who will not cover up past mistakes with lies.  A candidate who can see the bigger world beyond our shores who wants to work with the global community to solve problems, not create new problems. A candidate who cares about the size of the US economy and not the size of his own personal appendage. Is that too much to ask?

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Sal said...

You hit the nail solidly on the head. I feel exactly the same way and wish there was something people like us could DO, other than sit back helplessly and be frightened of who we will have to vote for when the smoke clears!

Well said girl!