Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sometimes It Snows In April . . .A Goodbye to Prince

Prince . . . where to begin when his life is so abruptly over? I have never been a huge Prince fan and never had the chance to see him perform live. Following his tragic death on Thursday, Prince stories, memories, and music are unavoidable. Prince songs are playing everywhere. I've not heard this much Prince music since I was in high school and my younger brother Tim , who was obsessed with Prince, played his albums constantly. Tim remains a Prince fan and maybe someday he will let me share his incredible stories and Prince encounters from the many concerts and events he attended at Paisley Park.

Here in Minnesota Prince is not just a music icon and legendary musician. He is part of the community and was known for giving back to Minnesota, surprise concerts, and being spotted around town. Meetings at work sometimes started with people sharing stories from a weekend Pajama Party at Paisley Park. That's why the all night dance party in Minneapolis at First Avenue (the club where Prince's movie Purple Rain was filmed) began the night we learned of his death and continued on for the next three days. A sort of community wake that was full of his music and tributes to Prince captured perfectly in a moment with thousands outside of First Avenue singing along to Purple Rain.

Prince's star on the First Avenue wall. Photo MPR
It seems like part of what makes Minneapolis iconic is gone. We lost the genius of Prince far too early. Reports of what remains in his musical vault are astonishing if accounts are true. Unreleased albums, videos, unfinished songs, recordings. Prince's influence on music will live on. 

Today a cold, heavy rain falls on the spring flowers. It might as well be snow in April.

For all you ever wanted to know about Prince's music and his influence on Minnesota and the world visit The Current.

If you have a few minutes take a look at their photo montage, Around the World in a Day: 64 Photos Documenting the 24-hours Following Princes' Death.

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Sue said...

I too have never been a Prince fan but it is lovely to see how much he was loved by all Minnesotans.
What stands out most to me is that he has kept faithful to his home-town and that is something not many stars do and that makes him stand out in my mind!

I wore purple on Friday and Saturday in his memory. Listening to the Current all weekend I realized I like quite a lot of his music that one would only know if you were a Prince fan and listened to his albums.