Tuesday, October 4, 2016

D. None of the above

Welcome back to the reality of the 2016 American Presidential election. Here is where we stand today:

A.  Hillary Clinton

B.  Donald Trump
C.  Random 3rd party candidate
D.  None of the above

We are now only 5 short weeks away from the end of this long, ugly race to the White House. Like most Americans I am looking forward to the end of a Presidential race that has brought us the political antics of Chris Christie, Bernie Sanders, and Ben Carson. However I am somewhat frightened about the actual outcome of this election. I do wonder how in a nation of 318.9 million people we ended up with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the top of the ticket. [Insert your random political conspiracy theory here.]

I will not tell you who to vote for or against—the candidates and media do an excellent job of that every day. I don't have a candidate in this race. My candidate won the state of Minnesota but dropped out like the rest of the field of candidates. This Presidential race seems ripe for a 3rd party candidate to come in and steal the Presidency away from the party favorites. Alas, not one 3rd party contender has emerged.

Here in Minnesota there are at least nine names on the Presidential side of the ballot, ranging from Trump and Hillary to Evan McMullin, Independence Party, to Dan R. Vacek, Legal Marijuana Now, to Jill Stein of the Green Party. None of these 3rd party candidates can gain any ground against the Democratic and Republican parties.

This election has soured American politics. It is very sad when people who live and breathe politics are perplexed, dismayed, or even completely disengaged from this election. I've taken to watching Saturday Night Live skits about the debates instead of watching the actual debates. Anyone else doing this too? South Park as well. Perhaps injecting some humor into the Presidential election takes the edge off or makes me momentarily forget the reality of what is at stake. 

Only a few weeks remain for what is probably the largest voting bloc, undecideds, to make up their minds and turn out to vote. It would be a curious thing if the "undecideds" were the ones who decided the outcome of this election. Headline on November 9: Unprecedented! 'D. None Of the Above' Wins U.S. Presidential Election.

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