Thursday, August 3, 2017

SpiritChange—A New Blog

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." Muhatma Ghandi 

Sometimes life takes you away from your comfort zone, and you are faced with two choices: adapt and change or sulk and refuse to get out of bed. My life as a chic suburban Mom from Minnesota is now behind me; I choose to adapt and change.

A recent move from the Midwest to California has brought about many life changes and challenges than you might expect. However I'm finding clarity in transition. Leaving one life behind and stepping into another is both a thrill and terrifying. That's where clarity comes in. You cannot live in thrill and terror all the time. Clarity gives perspective and helps adjust to change.

The past week has brought a 1700 mile move, adjusting to real wildlife in the Sierra Nevada, storms knocking out electricity, no Internet, a very stressed out dog, and even a forest fire threatening our new neighborhood. All challenges to anyone's spirit. Yet there is peace and beauty in the mountains and new places to explore.

This new blog, SpiritChange, is a new way of looking at the world, finding excitement in the ordinary, realizing we are all more alike than different, and making the world a better place. Maybe looking at the good in all of us instead of focusing on the bad. My blog is so very new that I've not even had a chance to post on it, but I will. I cannot tell you what this blog will be like, but check back and take a look at SpiritChange to see where this new idea leads.

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